“We live in a time where justice is a joke, where the wheels of justice, simply broke”

Control started in 2009 and to date have 3 highly acclaimed and high selling albums under their belts with a fourth being recorded in October 2015.

Their debut, ‘Hooligan Rock & Roll’ blew a hole in the UK Punk scene and to date has re-pressed over half a dozen times on three different labels in the UK, Europe and the USA.

The follow up, ‘Punk Rock Ruined My Life’ has been described as a punk rock classic and drew the attention of punk giants, Rancid, who named it the best punk album in many years on their website. Rancid then invited the band to play several shows with them on recent UK and European tours, they were also invited to tour the USA with them but as yet this has not been finalised.

The latest album, ‘Ballad of the Working Man’, saw the band move on to the highly successful and established Randale Records, seen by many as the leading label for punk rock in Europe. This release was featured in the magazine ‘Vive Le Rock’s top 50 albums of 2013, seeing the band in amongst the company of household names including Motorhead, Primal Scream, Gary Numan, Arctic Monkeys, Nick Cave, Iggy Pop and the UK SUBS, high praise indeed. It came in at No 22, an incredible feat for a small independent UK streetpunk band.

In their six years treading the boards the band have toured the USA twice, played on numerous major festivals around Europe, toured with Rancid, appeared on two major movie soundtracks with another in the pipeline, have headlined shows right across the UK and Europe, appeared five years in a row at the world famous Rebellion Festival to capacity turnouts and have toured the clubs the length and breadth of the UK, headlining the same venues as the bigger, more established bands, drawing very healthy numbers indeed, the proof of this being the band going back round again and again.

The band definitely have their own sound, drawing from lots of experience over the years in other bands with their sound probably best described somewhere along the lines of a large dose of punk rock, a little hardcore, a dollop of Oi!, some good old fashioned rock & roll with a little sprinkle of acoustic guitars and ballads. Mix this up and you have a wall of noise with some of the biggest choruses on the planet today.

Do not miss this band as such luminaries as Charlie Harper and Lars Frederiksen have said they are one of the best punk bands to come along in many a year.

Don’t believe us, check them out for yourself!!!!!!

Current Line Up

Iain Kilgallon — Vocals
Glen ‘Shifty’ Johnson — Bass/Vocals
Paul Mileman — Drums/Vocals
Ryan Smyth — Guitar/Vocals