My name is Matthew Perez(also known as 'Hooligan'), and I am an audio engineer from San Francisco, California. My love for rock started with the ‘Kings of Leon’. When I was 18 years old, I found a Kings of Leon tape cassette in my brother's Walkman, and after a listen, was quickly hooked on it. As I continued exploring this magical world, I was introduced to more amazing artists such as foo Fighters, AC/DC, U2, and many more. I decided to follow my passion and studied to become an audio engineer.

My passion for audio engineering has taken me to studios all around the world. Though I primarily work with rock artists, I have collaborated and gone on tours with artists of multiple genres like country, blues, and jazz. When I’m not working, I work on my own music and featured my songs in a few short films.

About Hooligan RocknRoll

I launched, as a place to celebrate the music that I like and share it with the world. You will find me talking about the latest technology in music to fanboying over my favorite artists. The blog will feature my experiences of touring with different artists to creating your own music.

The blog is a platform for me to share my thoughts and opinions on different music artists, various instruments, and new music technology. It will also feature content, such as reviews of newly released music and interviews with different musicians and bands.

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