Music is something that can be listened to individually or among a group of people. And there is different music out there to fit with everyone’s taste and lifestyle – for example, those who follow Islam have certain rules that they may follow (you can read more about this over at Osantuario), and parents with young children may choose clean edits, or even versions of pop songs sung by children, in order to make sure that they don’t listen to anything inappropriate. These days, you don’t even need to buy CDs, as streaming of music has meant that you no longer need to move your entire music collection over to your friend’s house to listen to it, you can together stream the kind of music that you all like. Nowadays, all you need to get your music is a great internet connection on your phone, thanks to something like one of the AT&T wireless plans out there, or WiFi that you can link up to your laptop or tablet. Streaming is an excellent way to discover new music and to quickly discard the music that is not to your taste. This article will explore 3 of the ways to stream music by considering some of the apps on the market. Not just those that stream the music but one that makes group streaming possible. If you run a store, you may be looking for streaming services that allow businesses to access their service, if so, you may want to go onto websites such as to see how this can be done.


As the original extensive music streaming service, Spotify has apps that are compatible will all the major platforms, such as Android and iOS. Some of Spotify’s features include audio quality of a high standard, downloadable podcasts and music, radio accessibility, search, sharing of podcasts and music, shuffle play, your library, and volume settings. Spotify will be the app that most people have heard of, so let us move on to options that allow group listening.


If you are looking to stream music together, the JQBX app allows you to listen to your music with friends and will enable you to join public rooms. With JQBX you can listen to music in real-time with groups of friends. It has the capability of letting you be the DJ and playing the tracks that others will hear. Conversely, you can listen to what others are playing for you. It is all about sharing a love for music and discovering new tracks that you would not have otherwise bought in other formats. It allows you to get through a large playlist in a shorter amount of time than finding the music in a physical format. Just as importantly, JBQZ enables you to achieve it as a group, if you like to listen to music that way.


The AmpMe is a clever app that will enable you to play your music on multiple devices all at the same time. It is available for Android and iOS devices. By opening the app and tapping the Host a Party button, you will be prompted to then connect with your SoundCloud account. It is as simple as that and perfect for a gathering for friends listening to the same music. AmpMe, using a high-frequency range of sound will sync to all your other devices so that music can be listened to on them all at the same time. There is no upper limit to the number of devices, speakers, phones, or PCs, that can all be looped together. It will literally create a “wall of sound”. The only limitation, if that now is one, is that it is only possible to connect one speaker to each phone. This is hardly a limitation, though, because the effect of lots of phones all connected will create a sound greater than stereo. It will be like having a home cinema of surround sound from somewhere like VIZIO in the room that you are listening to the music in.

So, there is much to get excited about with regards to the many ways that streaming apps allow you to listen to music. You can not just listen to it alone but enjoy it alongside friends. You can share your own taste in music genres with those that thought they knew you. You can play the tracks to them as if you are the one spinning the disks in a nightclub. Except that you can dance to the music without those outside of your close group judging your abilities on the dancefloor. Apart from the above 3 apps, there are many more to choose from in the world of steaming apps. It is worth taking the time to explore them before exploring the music itself.