Think music is just for parties, workouts, and romantic moments? Think again! Whether your tastes run towards classic or contemporary, there are countless ways to incorporate music into everyday living. For example, you can use the right kinds of tunes (i.e., non-obnoxious ones!) to help you focus on a project at work, or you can break out your favorite albums to help you unwind after a long day.

Music is a part of everyone’s life. Whether it’s going to the movies, watching television, or just hanging out with friends, there’s a certain song that just makes the moment better. The music in a tv commercial is equally important. It can make you want to try a new product, or it can make you want to go out and buy an entire CD of the artist. And last, but certainly not least, is the role music plays in our everyday lives. Whether you listen to the radio on your way to work or you wear your iPod while walking along the subway, there’s no denying the importance of music to our everyday lives.

Music in TV Commercials

One of the most interesting aspects of modern advertising is the way it has become intertwined with our entertainment choices. Music has always played an important role in television, dating back to the days of the very first commercials in the 1940s. These days, it’s far more prevalent than ever before, with music playing such a central role in many commercials that you can tell what type of product is being advertised just by the song that’s playing.

A study published last year featuring over 12,000 people by the Journal of Consumer Psychology suggests that the use of background music in television commercials can increase a product’s perceived value for the consumer. For example, when a person is shown a television commercial for an expensive car, the car will look more expensive if a song is playing in the background.

Another study, published by the Journal of Advertising Research, suggests that a majority of people (70 percent) feel that music from a television commercial is a more effective means of capturing attention than sound effects or visuals.

It has been a big year for music in tv commercials, and the Super Bowl was no exception. The big named artists in the business all came out to play, and it was all tied together by a single song from one of the biggest music stars in the world. Even if you didn’t catch the big game, you probably heard the song that played throughout the commercial breaks. Radio stations played the song continuously for days after the game, and you could even download it from iTunes, listen to it streaming on your favorite music service, and watch it on YouTube.

Why Was Music Incorporated In TV Commercials?

One of the biggest reasons why music is incorporated into TV commercials is to draw our focus simply. In the early days of commercial television, a TV screen would simply be a black and white screen with a simple message. However, with the help of music, TV commercials can be more upbeat and have a complete message. TV commercials are only about 20 seconds long, so in that time, they need to highlight the product and why people should buy it. The creative team will try and use any cultural references they can think of to get the audience to understand the point of the product.

Television advertising has come a long way since the early days of simply showing a product and saying its name. Marketers continue to use television advertising as one of the most popular mediums. Because of the changing patterns in which people consume content, most advertisers are seeking methods for increasing the reach of their commercials. If they contact SambaTV ( or like companies, they can obtain behavioral insights of different types of viewers and use them to evaluate the effectiveness of their ad campaigns. In fact, the reason television commercials use music is to help us remember the product and increase the conversion rates. It is a common fact that when a person is exposed to music, they have a better chance of remembering that song than they would if they didn’t hear it right after the product was advertised.

The presence of background music in advertising has been an important factor in the success of commercials. Many research studies have shown that commercials are more successful when background music is associated with the product or service being advertised. A study of background music and commercials showed that it affected the perceived credibility, likeability, emotionality, and all-in-all effectiveness of a commercial when background music was present.

While some feel that music gives a commercial more production value, others feel it is a distraction from the product being sold. At this point, it seems that this is a hotly debated topic that is here to stay.