We are not always at home when we want to listen to music, but that is no problem for us because there are different ways of receiving music to our ears. No longer do we have to bring a part of our record or CD collection on holiday with us, because apart from being able to listen to music over the radio waves or listen later through catch-up, we can also, 24/7, stream it to ourselves. This can be on a phone or through another mobile device. Just so long as you have an internet hotspot or rise internet service to connect it to, you can stream music to almost any internet-connected device. With the rise of internet data packages for our smartphones, we can stream music outside our homes and on the go as well.

Though we have to be mindful that others may not have the same taste in music as us (but that is what headphones are for). What sounds great to us might sound more like an earworm to them, but we are all different in that respect.

So, let us think about the situations where streaming our music would be best. In other words, the places we are likely to want to do it.

Public Transport

We can waste a lot of time waiting for public transport, and then have a journey during which there is little to do. The same view every day will often fail to please the mind or heart. We need not waste that time looking at those same images through the bus or train window, or listening to those similar background noises, though, because we can please ourselves by having music streamed to our device and listening to it as we travel, or wait at bus stops, sit in traffic, or walk up and down the platform at train stations. Nobody else is going to entertain us, as I am sure there was a song about, so it is up to us to do it. We only have to discover the streaming services out there to take advantage of the technology that makes music portable. When you’re on public transport, you may also want to make use of the public networks that are sometimes available. That being said, the connections are mostly unsecured so you’ll want to find the best vpn for streaming so that you can enjoy a slick streaming experience while being protected online against those who would exploit public networks to steal people’s private information.


The beach can be a place where we spend a lot of time soaking up the sun. After having applied sun lotion, of course. It would be foolish not to. So, with sun lotion applied, and fully hydrated with water, we can enjoy the view and the warmth, and as we do, stream music that will put us in a beach-relaxing mood. With this desire to hear music while on the beach, back in the 1960s, The Beach Boys would sing their surf tunes that could be received through battery-powered radios. Since then, there have been lots of tunes released to the mainstream and as indie records that create a fun and party atmosphere.

So, preparing ourselves with music on the beach will put us in good spirits when it comes to frequenting the nightclubs that our holiday resort also has to offer. Then, the music will be a whole lot louder because it will not then be coming through our ears but dispersing to all the other holidaymakers.

Breaktime at Work

At some workplaces, employees are not allowed on breaks at the same time. This is because someone has to man or woman the fort, so to speak. This is, in contrast, to say a factory where workers are on a production line, where it can make sense if they go on breaks together. So, this means that in many employment situations, we find ourselves alone in our private thoughts at break times. The solution, to entertain ourselves while we eat our sandwiches and down some of the contents of our drinks bottle, would then be to listen to music that we enjoy. Not only will this pass the time, but it will help motive us before we head back to work.

To satisfy our taste in music, we can look towards different streaming services that offer tunes of old just as they offer the latest chart hits. Their platform and downloadable apps and services will cater to a range of musical tastes and be compatible with a range of devices from iOS to Android. MP3 players can also have tracks downloaded to them for playing later.

A lot of the fun is discovering a new track and then returning to it time and time again. We can choose tunes suitable for motivation rather than relaxing when going back to work. So that might, for example, be an upbeat tune rather than a soothing or harmonious vocal.

In Our Bedroom

What better time to stream music than privately in our bedroom. We can listen to music while studying. Classical music, Mozart specifically, is supposed to aid learning. Any tune that helps us study is good. We can experiment with different ones because one of the advantages of streaming is that tunes can be temporary. We do not have to download them, we can stream only and then move onto the next tune. Parents will be pleased that music collections do not take up a whole bedroom and wardrobe and leave no room for clothes that end up strewn across the floor. This is because they are not a physical item such as a CD, but instead, a streamable consumable. In today’s world, we live for the moment and streaming music provides just that.